ROG.ph is a 24/7 gaming cafe with several branches around Metro Manila. We have games that are up to date with high powered PCs and high speed fiber internet!  Enjoy the relaxing ambiance and gaming experience!


ROG, which stands for Republic of Gamers, started in 2007 as Key-Gen, an Internet shop which housed eight computer units. Within two years, Key-Gen was able to house twenty-four computer units. However, the founders of Key-Gen decided to part ways. In May 2009, one of the co-founders of Key-Gen decided to give Internet Shops another shot. Thus, ROG Internet Cafe was born. It started with forty-six computer units. Within two years, ROG Internet Cafe was able to expand. It moved its location on the ground floor of an office building. Now, it houses sixty-five computer units. In four years, its computer units increased to one hundred six. Seven years and three branches later, the founder of ROG Internet Cafe decided to venture into franchising. ROG Internet Cafe's continued success can be attributed to its ability to seize opportunities, especially in the growing e-sports community. Through continous support in the e-sport community, ROG Internet Cafe aims to overturn the negative perception towards computer and Internet gaming. It yearns for a time when e-sports and traditional sports will be seen as equals



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